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Polly and Her Duck Costume

The true story of a little blind goat named Polly finding acceptance and love

South Jersey is home to many local and state parks. One of my favorites is Saddler’s Woods ( Saddler's Woods is a 25-acre urban forest unique for its diverse ecological features, including old growth forest, young woodlands, meadow, and wetlands. To clear invasive plans such as English ivy, Japanese honeysuckle, and multiflora rose, instead of using pesticides or other chemical solutions, the great folks of Saddler’s Woods brought in goats! Goats also love to eat poison ivy which is good because my husband recently worked as a volunteer to clear brush and, within two days, came home with a full-blown case of it.

Goats are fascinating animals and some of my favorite picture books star goats. Here are two must-reads!

From the Goats of Anarchy farmyard comes Polly and Her Duck Costume! The true story of a little blind goat named Polly finding acceptance and love in her new home will warm the hearts of children and parents everywhere. Polly and Her Duck Costume tells the story of Polly the goat, who was taken in by Leanne Lauricella, rescuer of farmyard animals and founder of the immensely popular Instagram account The Goats of Anarchy. Polly has some trouble adapting to her new life until her new mom gives her a warm and fuzzy duck costume, which turns out to be the perfect fit! Follow along with Polly as she finds love with her new family, gains confidence, and makes new friends with other goats, pigs, and many more animals around the yard. The perfect tale to inspire and delight animal lovers, and to teach children about disabilities and acceptance, Polly and Her Duck Costume pairs beautiful illustrations with a truly heartwarming tale readers of all ages will adore.

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